Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Two or three years ago, I did a series on my old blog titled, Reinventing Middle Age that
emphasized the positive aspects of navigating through mid-life issues; health, REALationships, psychology and other issues. Not only was it fun to write and research, but it helped some of you as well as myself make more positive, healthy decisions in this season of life.

Since I wrote that series, I have had some amazing developments happen in my own middle-aged life: I got married and inherited three wonderful children; and while still learning how to navigate that major mid-life change (never married and no children before), God in His wisdom decided to bless our family with a wonderful baby boy at my mature age of 48. As I approach the 50-year milestone in my life, I find that time to write, or even think, is a privilege not afforded very often as a wife and mom of four children – one of them a 9 month old, and a body/brain still in decline.  So, I revisited my Reinventing Middle Age series to remind myself once again what I learned about successfully navigating this wonderful season of life.

One difference is that I have found a line of products that is helping boost my body to do what it needs to do for such a task. Yup. Here comes a shameless plug.

EPIC ERA products are not weight loss products, although they do offer a couple that will help with that.  The product line is very much geared to wellness in every aspect of health. Whether you need help with sleep and relaxation, to digestion, simple daily health maintenance, quality essential oils, or even have help with curbing the coffee/caffeine or sugar addiction that wreaks such havoc our middle-age bodies, they have something for you.

EPIC products are packed with natural ingredients (many of which you and I have taken individually at some point in our lives to help with one ailment or another) that work synergistically to improve overall health. I first tried thee the EPIC RELAX product, coupled with the STILL essential oil.  In all the research and experience I have done for navigating middle age, the sleep deprivation from natural body/hormone changes (or having a baby at 48) is the most devastating to the body. With good sleep, memory, energy and immune system recover well daily, and the natural effects of the aging process can be diminished rather than magnified.  I highly recommend the products! As I continue to use them, I will share how they've helped me, as well as any other supplements I find helpful!

At this age/stage of life, I know I am more interested in daily wellness and maintenance, rather than a quick fix for issues. I am approaching 50 in a few months and I have a baby.  Retirement just got pushed back a few years. I have to stick around for at least another twenty years, and I’d like to be able to remember things like where he goes to school and what his name is, as well as be able to attend his school functions and graduation.  When life throws us curve balls... sometimes we all need a little help!

So, for 2014, I decided to begin blogging again by reinventing my Reinventing Middle Age series with a few updates and new perspective. I don’t know how many of you 50-year-olds have just added a baby to your family, but I do know this: I see we are all struggling with many of the same middle-age issues so I thought it would be a great place to start! Of course the blog will be about many other things as well, but let’s continue this journey together and like a good, solid, adjustable cane… help each other out along the way! 

Stay tuned!